The Big Munro Round: Week 3

Author:  Bodil

The third week of their continuous, self propelled Munro round has been a successful one for Libby and Lisa. With better weather and their bodies adopting to the great amount of exercise, they seem like they are actually having fun!

Lisa wrote:

“It’s the end of week 3 and our bodies are getting pretty used to the routine of Munro bagging at speed! The amount of food we are eating is becoming comical. We gave Steve, Libby’s boyfriend who is joining us for the weekend, a shock when we demolished an entire Jamaican ginger cake in about 30 seconds as second pudding. 

Libby and Steve, trying to catch a rare bit of sunshine

The end of last week was topped off with a lovely meeting with the inspiring Kathleen Murgatroyd, the first woman and second person to complete a continuous self propelled round. We are feeling very grateful for the technology, information and lightweight kit we have available to us now. 

We have had a great week and we treated with really sunny and calm day to kayak across loch Lomond, we also managed to climb Ben Vorlich and Ben Vane the same day, it was a long day out on the hill but we managed to catch a beautiful sunset. Other highlights of the week include a relaxing rest day in the cafés around Crianlarich and bagging a string of 5 munros in the area on another wind free day. 

Kayaking across Loch Lomond

We had an exciting time climbing Ben Lui via the direct route from the track (not recommended!). It was wet and windy but we bagged another 5 munros that day. We are feeling really grateful for our Alpkit kit for keeping us warm on these soggy days. Today we have finished off the week with the lonely Ben Chonzie and a picturesque cycle ride.”

Lovely cycle ride


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