The Big Munro round: Week 5

Another big week – this week we have been ticking off the Munros in the Cairngorms, have had plenty of visitors which has helped keep our spirits high as we approach the halfway point.

After resting most of the day we we had a relaxed walk into the base of Carn Bhac on Sunday evening and wildcamped to trim the distance off Mondays walk. The cloud of midges outside our tent Monday morning helped us get swiftly up and out and we bagged our first Munro before 8.30am!

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-08 at 14.02.21.jpeg

Our wildcamp spot (before the midges descended!)

We motored around the route of 8 Munros and had great views between the showers. We fortuitously made down to Glen Shee ski centre 2mins before they stopped serving where we got free creme brulé! We also met Duncan, Libby’s dad and our support for August here – welcome to the team Duncan! On Tuesday and Wednesday we bagged the 13 Munros between Glen Shee and Glenmuick with an overnight stop at Glen Doll. The high valleys and abundance of paths made these days feel like a real treat and we were happy to be joined by our next batch of visitors on weds night. Amy (Lisa’s friend) has come up from London to join us and Matt and Sarah (friends from Sheffield uni) met up with us after climbing in the area. On Thursday we had a fun team ascent of Mount Keen – the most easterly Munro. It was great to see everyone.

WhatsApp Image 2017-08-08 at 13.48.07

an approaching shower (view from the Cairnwell)

Friday to Sunday we did a great but challenging three day trip to bag 16 of the 18 munros in the Northern Cairngorms. In true Scottish fashion we had a great mix of beautiful sunny skies, bitter wind, fog and heavy showers. We stayed at the Hutchinson memorial bothy and Corrour bothy (which luxuriously has a toilet!) and had great company at both. On Saturday evening and Sunday we were joined by Matt Dickinson, a fellow adventurer and contributer to the Next Challenge grant. It was great to talk all things adventure while we climbed Munros together. Thanks for the cake, custard and whisky Matt! To top off a hard week we cycled the long slog up to Cairngorm ski centre in preparation to climb the final 2 Munros in the Cairngorms and reach the halfway point on Monday – Lisa’s birthday.




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