Munro talk at Alpkit’s Big Shakeout festival

Author: Lisa

Fresh after arriving back home from Scotland after our Munro adventure we were excited to share the details of our challenge at Alpkit’s Big Shakeout festival in the Daring Deeds yurt. Still adjusting to civilisation after 2 and a half months living in a van, it was really fun to get involved in this fantastic festival and chat to so many adventurers and like minded people. Thanks for the invite!

For anyone who missed the talk or was unable to hear it due to a few technical difficulties – here is a taster of our Munro adventure including a video clip of some memorable moments! (excuse the shakey phone footage!)

It was also fab to have the chance to chat to Chris Sleight, the creator of Mountain – our favourite adventure podcast – as part of a panel with Aleks Kashefi, the barefoot runner, and paralympian Steve Bate. Both Aleks and Steve are hugely inspirational and I was honoured to meet and chat with them about their adventures. Chris chose the tough topic of fear and adventure, it was really interesting to discuss the different ways that different adventurers face and handle their fears.

Libby and I are very lucky and grateful that Alpkit decided to support us through our Munro adventure. They provided us with a selection of running and cycling kit, plus a stove and pans, which were hugely helpful. This summer we ran/walked around 1000 miles and cycled 1000 more which really put the kit to the test. After 77 days of almost exclusively wearing Alpkit running leggings, t-shirts and merino baselayers (apart from the few sad days they had to be washed – probably not as many times as they should have been!) we can safely say that this kit is GREAT and of the highest quality. We love it!


Libby and Lisa’s Munro round was gratefully supported by:


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