The Cereal Bar League

Author: Libby and Lisa

Last summer we completed a continuous round of the Munros. We were on the go for 10+ hours nearly everyday for 77 days. Consequently we ate a lot of food, and most of this was eaten on the go. Cereal bars made up a large part of our on-the-go diet. We did start to get guilt pangs about the amount of packaging we were getting through and our teeth probably didn’t thank us for feeding them so much sugar, but, on a tight schedule cereal bars are easy to chuck in your bag, easy to munch on the go and their calorie to weight ratio is pretty good.  

When running  from home we usually take home prepared food to eat on the go (our favourite recipes coming soon) but it’s impossible to prepare your own snacks, from scratch, in a cramped van on a very tight schedule.  As usual we worked out how much food to take and made sure we ate enough by following our “1 portion per hour” rule. As well as an un-Godly number of cereal bars (over the 77 days we got through about 600 between us, yikes!) we also ate lots of sandwiches (cheese and salad, peanut butter and jam, marmite and veg and tuna were favourite fillings), dried fruit, potato cakes, pasties, malt loaf and, Libby’s favourite – macaroni cheese pies (a Scottish speciality that is a hillwalker’s dream).


We worked our way through a good variety of cereal bars during the trip and we jokingly scored each variety on taste, how easy it was to open & eat (anyone who’s ever tried to eat a snickers when the air temperature is below freezing will know why this is important!) and how sustaining it was. Not wanting to let this highly scientific ranking going to waste we’d thought we’d share it with you, to help make those shopping decisions a little easier. So here it is, The Cereal Bar League;

cereal bar table topcereal bar table bottom

Enjoy! We are enjoying having a good break from these snacks and back to homemade goodies!


Libby tucking into a well earned breakfast

WhatsApp Image 2018-01-24 at 18.12.50

Who says you can’t have a whole cake on your birthday?!

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