Ali Gover

Meet: Ali Gover

Bog beauty Ali was on the 2016 HPM team and has recently moved to New Zealand. This means she lives in the land of the perfect outdoors playground, and she will keep you updated on her great adventures!

Favourite running route: In the UK, it’s got to be Burbage-Padley Gorge(ous)-Grindleford-Froggatt Edge in the glorious Peak District. In NZ, so far the Nydia Track is topping the charts!

Most boggy moment: Probably a mid-section HPM recce with Lisa. Super-cold bog but not quite frozen enough to firm up = frequent icey bogmersions to varying depths. Nice.

Running goals: I have a grand scheme currently forming to run all of the 9 NZ great walks. And of course, there is still unfinished business with the HPM…

About: Ali is a doctor and recently moved to New Zealand from Sheffield. Although she misses the Peak District, having NZ’s South Island as a playground eases the pain. There are no substitutes for her fellow Bog Beauties though! Just lots of sheep.


Ali on the Tongariro crossing, NZ