Bodil Oudshoorn

Meet: Bodil Oudshoorn

In it for: Exploring new trails!

Favourite running route: Our two-day Stockport to Sheffield route

Most boggy moment: On one of our 2017 recces we ended up running on Bleaklow on a Friday night at 2am. With snow covering the ground (but not freezing it..) and a head torch which ran out of batteries I could not see any of the bogs coming!

Running goals: My next goal is to run the Zion traverse in Utah (49 miles), unsupported. In the long term, I would like to try running 100 miles. I reckon the lack of sleep will give this type of ultra a completely different dimension. In the meanwhile, I hope to run as many long-distance trails as I can! I loved run-camping the Tour du Mont Blanc this summer, and will definitely be back in the Alps for a similar adventure.

About: Bodil is a PhD student at the Centre for Sports Engineering Research. She works on developing mechanical tests for studded footwear in football and rugby. When she finishes, she is hoping to work in the development or testing department of an outdoors brand, combining her skills with her passion for mountains.


Bodil on Lose Hill trig