Libby Jones (Née Kerr)

Meet: Libby Jones

Favourite running route:  Anything with a ridge in it! I love running along ridgelines. In the Lakes I really love the run from Threkeld across the Dodds to Helvellyn. Closer to home there’s a lovely circular route across Burbage and Padley Gorge. From burbage it goes down through Longshaw Estate and then downhill through the mystical Silver Birch wood at Lawrencefield and then back up along the Padley Gorge Beck and over Higgar Tor and Carl Walk. It’s a really varied evening run that packs a bit of a punch.

Most boggy moment: I gained a bit a reputation within the Beauties and the Bog team for falling into holes during our winter running at the start of 2016. I’m not sure if it was bad luck or bad foot placements but I seemed magnetically attracted to any hidden rabbit hole, ditch or hidden dip. When running Rab Mountain Marathon with Lisa a couple of years ago I fell into 2 mini hidden streams in quick succession, going up to my hips both times. Fortunately I seem to have shaken the curse….

Running goals: As well as running I really enjoy cycling, especially cycle touring. It’s a great way of visiting lots of places but also enjoying the travelling in between and we’ve recently extended this concept to running with some multi day runs such as Hadrian’s Wall . I’d love to more multi day runs especially coast to coasts and end-to-ends(slightly contrived but highly satisfying). Maybe border to border of Andorra (catchy eh?!).

About: Libby lives in Sheffield and loves the Peak District. As well as running she enjoys cycling and dabbles with mountain biking and climbing


Snowy feet on Bleaklow