Lisa Watson

Meet: Lisa Watson (Trollope)

Favourite running route: Right now, I am on a huge high from the Dragon’s Back race, so that has to make it onto my list! It really is an incredible route taking in all the best bits of Wales. Locally: anything that includes Derwent Edge, I just love it up there! Further afield: on my trip to NZ I ran the Routeburn Track – on of the most beautiful places I have ever been!

Most boggy moment: until recently it was a full faceplant into bog on the Edale Skyline 2016. On a run over the mid section of HPM last November I  managed to take a dip to my chest just after Cut Gate. I was glad to have taken a spare pair of leggings in my pack as I realised how much I stank as soon as we got to the pub at the end of the run!

Running goals: After an amazing year of training and an incredible week at Dragons Back I have no immediate goals other than enjoying the moment and letting my body recover. You can read about our training and race experience on our Dragons Back page. In general I would love to keep up the kind of adventures I have been having: lots of weekends away and holidays fast-packing trails in beautiful places. But, I know I’ll need a big goal to aim for soon to keep me sane – any ideas get in touch!

About: I love living in Sheffield and after a year away in 2017 I couldn’t help but come back. I’ve now moved on from the lab bench and I’m working as a research co-ordinator at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals helping doctors plan and get involved in clinical trials and other research. The Peak District definitely feels like home but in future I hope to live nearer to some bigger rougher mountains!

Lisa at the Berghaus Dragons Back Race 2019