Lisa Watson

Meet: Lisa Watson (Trollope)

Favourite running route: Locally: anything that includes Derwent Edge, I just love it up there! However to top that, on my recent trip to NZ I ran the Routeburn Track – easily the most beautiful place I have ever been!

Most boggy moment: a full faceplant into bog on the Edale Skyline 2016. I managed to wash my face in a stream but I was finding mud in my ears and hair for days! Falling into bogs is generally Libby’s job; touch wood, on most HPM recces I have been fairly lucky and not sank too far.

Running goals: Well… HPM for a start. I’m also really keen to run the coast to coast, and I have plans to run the GR20 in June. And, dare I say it… a Bob Graham round! (eek) Other than that Libby and I have a very exciting plan in progress for this summer… watch this space!

About: Lisa is a post-doctoral research scientist at the University of Sheffield. She spends her days in the lab researching the genetic causes of Parkinson’s disease. Although lab work requires long and often unpredictable hours it is fairly flexible which helps no end with training!


Lisa and Bo at Kinder Low trig