Basic Burbage Loop


This is a lovely little loop and is just as nice done as a walk. It was my first fell run and got me hooked. If I am introducing friends to running off-road this is usually where we go, and there is a lovely pub at the end to reward yourself! Another bonus is that this route really easy to cut short, as you can get down onto the main path that goes along the bottom of the crag in a few places. The second half of the run is the hillier/more technical section.

Distance: 4.5 miles (7.3 km)
Ascent: 198m / 650 ft
Bog level: Medium – it little bit wet at the start before you join the edge path and can be muddy when you get close to the stream to cross it. I took a friend to run this as a first fell run and she nearly lost a shoe! Do your laces up tight!
Good for: Introducing friends to the world of fell running (and it is really easy to cut short if you need to). Great pub stop at the end. Easy to access by public transport, get off the bus at the Fox house.

Map of route


Click here for Strava route / GPX file

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