Downhill fun from Fox House

Author: Bodil This is one of my favourite after-work runs, I take the bus straight from my office to Fox House and run back home. There are lots of slight variations to this route, meaning you can run slightly different each time! As a bonus, you mainly go downhill on this one... Distance:  10 km / … Continue reading Downhill fun from Fox House

Wyoming brook – Redmires loop

AUTHOR: Lisa Distance: 11 km / 7 miles Ascent: 209 m / 690 ft Bog level: Medium - around the reservoir can be sinky! Good for: Public transport access/proximity to Sheffield. Take the no 51 to the Lodge moor terminus. Could easily be extended along Bell Hagg back into Sheffield for a run from home into the Peak! Click … Continue reading Wyoming brook – Redmires loop

Burbage and Padley Gorge

AUTHOR: Libby Distance: 12 km / 7.4 miles Ascent:  376 m / 1230 ft Bog level: Low (after prolonged heavy rain there can be boggy patches between Over Owler Tor and Carl Walk and the Padley Gorge path can get muddy but this route is generally dry). Good for: An evening run or a weekend walk with … Continue reading Burbage and Padley Gorge