Running Routes

On this page you can find some of our favourite running routes in the Peak District!

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The routes cover our favourite playground, the Peak District, to anywhere in the world. All routes have a small overview map and a link to their Strava route. Even if you don’t have Strava, you can view the route and download its gpx file. If planning to run any of the routes please make sure you always take a map & compass and know how to use them.

Enjoy your running!

High Peak Marathon (full route)

Author: Bodil After two years of race route recces, we can state that we know this route pretty well by now. However, the moors are ever changing and a lot of restoration has gone into this area over the last couple of years. If you are up for a challenge, meet the 42(+) mile route … Continue reading High Peak Marathon (full route)

Fastpacking to Sheffield

AUTHOR: BODIL This route came from a bit of a crazy idea; could we run the commute that a lot of people make every day, between Manchester and Sheffield? We decided to put it to the test by running it as a two-day fastpacking trip, with an overnight campsite stop in Edale. Distance: 34 km/21 mi … Continue reading Fastpacking to Sheffield

The Exterminator Race Route

Author: Corin Distance: 25.7 km / 16 miles Ascent: 785 m / 2575 ft Bog level: Low Good for: Easy access, pub close by, long training run close to Sheffield. This Hilly 16 mile loop which starts from the Cricket in Totley takes in Totley Moor, Blackamoor, Burbage, Higger Tor, Stanage, Padley Gorge, Longshaw Estate … Continue reading The Exterminator Race Route

Burbage and Padley Gorge

AUTHOR: Libby Distance: 12 km / 7.4 miles Ascent:  376 m / 1230 ft Bog level: Low (after prolonged heavy rain there can be boggy patches between Over Owler Tor and Carl Walk and the Padley Gorge path can get muddy but this route is generally dry). Good for: An evening run or a weekend walk with … Continue reading Burbage and Padley Gorge

Long Tour of Bradwell Race

AUTHOR: Lisa Fantastic route taking in loads of my favourite spots in the Peak District, and I discovered a lot of new paths/link ups while recceing this race too. Particularly the route through Padley Gorge to Hathersage. This is a great race to do as a first ultra – read my blog post about completing this race … Continue reading Long Tour of Bradwell Race

Ughill Moor – Dale Dike – Derwent loop

AUTHOR: Lisa   Distance: 9.5 miles (15 km) Ascent: 440m Bog level: Low (but can be slippery descending to Dale Dike if it has been wet) Good for: A great long but (mostly) runnable ascent up onto Derwent Edge where you are rewarded with an awesome view! Post run pub stop at the Strines Inn. To access this run … Continue reading Ughill Moor – Dale Dike – Derwent loop

Wyoming brook – Redmires loop

AUTHOR: Lisa Distance: 11 km / 7 miles Ascent: 209 m / 690 ft Bog level: Medium – around the reservoir can be sinky! Good for: Public transport access/proximity to Sheffield. Take the no 51 to the Lodge moor terminus. Could easily be extended along Bell Hagg back into Sheffield for a run from home into the Peak! Click … Continue reading Wyoming brook – Redmires loop

Castleton – Great Hucklow loop

AUTHOR: Lisa Distance: 14 miles (23 km) Ascent: 534m Bog level: Low (but cave dale is slippery limestone rock – be careful!) Good for: Seeing a new part of the Peak District. As we spend a lot of the time recceing HPM in the dark peak it is nice to venture to pastures new. South of Castleton you enter … Continue reading Castleton – Great Hucklow loop

Basic Burbage Loop

AUTHOR: Lisa This is a lovely little loop and is just as nice done as a walk. It was my first fell run and got me hooked. If I am introducing friends to running off-road this is usually where we go, and there is a lovely pub at the end to reward yourself! Another bonus … Continue reading Basic Burbage Loop

Edale Skyline

Author: Bodil Another classic Peak District route, the 21-mile Edale Skyline. The route offers great views all the way around, almost constantly staying on the higher ground around the valley of Edale. You can easily split the route into two 15-mile loops by coming down / going up to Hollin’s Cross on the ridge between … Continue reading Edale Skyline

Downhill fun from Fox House

Author: Bodil This is one of my favourite after-work runs, I take the bus straight from my office to Fox House and run back home. There are lots of slight variations to this route, meaning you can run slightly different each time! As a bonus, you mainly go downhill on this one… Distance:  10 km / … Continue reading Downhill fun from Fox House

Great single track running on Eyam Moor

Author: Bodil This route has my favourite single track in the Peak District in it. The varied terrain, ranging from moorland, green fields and a forest trail make this route a real (undiscovered) Peak District best! Distance:  8.5 km /  5.3 miles Ascent: 255 m / 840 ft Bog level: Medium – mixture of muddy trails, boggy moorland … Continue reading Great single track running on Eyam Moor

Stanage and Burbage Loop from Redmires

  AUTHOR: Lisa Distance: 14 miles (22.4 km) Ascent: 354m/1161ft Bog level: Medium, particularly the path back around the reservoir. The paths along Stanage and Burbage can be very muddy if it has been wet but dry out really nicely in the summer. Good for: Extending/cutting short depending on how you feel. Check out the shorter version of … Continue reading Stanage and Burbage Loop from Redmires

North end of Stanage from Redmires

AUTHOR: Lisa Distance: 7.7 miles (12.4 km) Ascent: 197m/646ft Bog level: Low/Medium. If it has been wet the very north end of Stanage can be quite wet, otherwise this is OK Good for: Proximity to Sheffield, at least from S10, driving out to Redmires takes no time at all. This run is also really easy to extend if … Continue reading North end of Stanage from Redmires

South end of Stanage from Redmires

AUTHOR: Lisa Distance: 7.1 miles (11.5 km) Ascent: 217m/712ft Bog level: Medium. The path across to Ox Stones from Burbage can be quite wet, as can the path around the reservoir. Good for: Proximity to Sheffield, at least from S10, driving out to Redmires takes no time at all. Running along the Gritstone edges is always a joy! Click … Continue reading South end of Stanage from Redmires

Little Redmires Loop

AUTHOR: Lisa Distance: 3.7 miles (6 km) Ascent: 105m/344ft Bog level: Low/Medium. The path around the reservoir can be muddy if it has been wet. Good for: Proximity to Sheffield, at least from S6/S10 area, driving out to Redmires takes no time at all. Nice little route on the edge of the Peak District to fit in if … Continue reading Little Redmires Loop